tilman meyer

Tilman Meyer


contrasts exhibition – 2016 for HBKsaar

Opposites attract.

Andreas Brandolini asked me to design an exhibition about contrasts in glass objects.

The objects were produced at the Centre d´Art Verrier (ciav), Meisenthal, France during workshops by Andreas Brandolini and Mark Braun with both students from HBKsaar and Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

My interpretation of the subject matter was to translate the aspect of contrast into an exhibition desk. By showing the very rough but yet familiar construction that supports the three-layered wood panel, the glass objects are shown very pure and artless. Nevertheless, the objects remain valuable and fine.

The exhibition is a prequel to a much larger show at the Museum for Prehistory and Early History in Saarbrücken in autumn 2016.

http://www.tilmanmeyer.com/files/gimgs/th-77_Tilman Meyer_contrasts_06.jpg
http://www.tilmanmeyer.com/files/gimgs/th-77_Tilman Meyer_contrasts_05.jpg
http://www.tilmanmeyer.com/files/gimgs/th-77_Tilman Meyer_contrasts_02.jpg
http://www.tilmanmeyer.com/files/gimgs/th-77_Tilman Meyer_contrasts_04.jpg