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Tilman Meyer



For Fantasticpaper I designed several notebook collections:
Basic, Classic, Color, Couture, Workbook & Calendar.
All collections come in 3 different rulings (blank, ruled, checked), various sizes and volumes and have a flexible cover with a cleanable soft-touch surface. All collections but Basic come with a swiss binding. Color, Couture & Classic have a practical insert pocket and a fold-out bookmark. Couture has a silver edging.

»FANTASTICPAPER by AUTHENTICS is an eco-friendly, CO2-reduced, collection of modern, high-quality notebooks with swiss-binding, made in Germany and using finest, acid-free Italian and Swedish Paper. Each collection comes in various formats and fashionable color combinations.
FANTASTICPAPER is more than a notebook- it is a design object for everyday use. We put great emphasis on the use of contemporary materials and sustainable technologies and work with partners who share the same values.«

Client: FANTASTICPAPER by AUTHENTICS, Gütersloh, Germany
In collaboration with: Lambl Homburger

http://www.tilmanmeyer.com/files/gimgs/th-81_Tilman Meyer_Fantasticpaper_Product5.jpg
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http://www.tilmanmeyer.com/files/gimgs/th-81_Tilman Meyer_Fantasticpaper_Product.jpg
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