tilman meyer

Tilman Meyer


RAINER glass – 2014

»...I continue to produce small, small, small architectures, such as this ceramic piece, for example, a little like monuments, a little like tombs, a little like the abandoned temples of the gods, a little like the ruins of the ancient and unknown civilization in which something –they say– was known; it is said that they understood the axes, the curves, the intersections, perhaps even the causation of the courses of the cosmic bodies, along which each day slide the private vertices of the atoms that make up our fragile flesh and blood. «

– Ettore Sottsass

Rainer is a tribute to Sottsass’ Shiva. A small glass object made at the Centre d´Art Verrier (ciav), Meisenthal, France.

http://www.tilmanmeyer.com/files/gimgs/th-66__TNM1442 kopieren_v2.jpg